Night Vision Recording

TOGUARD 4K 1080P Mirror Dash Cam GPS Car Backup Camera DVR Recorder Night Vision

TOGUARD 4K 1080P Mirror Dash Cam GPS Car Backup Camera DVR Recorder Night Vision
TOGUARD 4K 1080P Mirror Dash Cam GPS Car Backup Camera DVR Recorder Night Vision
TOGUARD 4K 1080P Mirror Dash Cam GPS Car Backup Camera DVR Recorder Night Vision
TOGUARD 4K 1080P Mirror Dash Cam GPS Car Backup Camera DVR Recorder Night Vision
TOGUARD 4K 1080P Mirror Dash Cam GPS Car Backup Camera DVR Recorder Night Vision
TOGUARD 4K 1080P Mirror Dash Cam GPS Car Backup Camera DVR Recorder Night Vision

TOGUARD 4K 1080P Mirror Dash Cam GPS Car Backup Camera DVR Recorder Night Vision    TOGUARD 4K 1080P Mirror Dash Cam GPS Car Backup Camera DVR Recorder Night Vision

TOGUARD Dual Lens 1080P 4.3 Car Rearview Mirror Dash Cam Camera Recorder DVR. Campark 4K 3 Car Dual Lens Dash Cam Front/Rear Video Recorder Camera G-sensor. TOGUARD Dual Dash Cam 4K GPS 12 Mirror Backup Camera HD Car Rear View Recorder. TOGUARD 4K Mirror GPS Dash Cam 12 Voice Control Car RearView Backup Dual Camera. TOGUARD 4K WiFi Dash Cam Mirror Front and Rear Car Rear View Camera Recorder GPS.

TOGUARD Dual Lens Dash Cam FHD 1080P Car Security Camera Video Recorder G-Sensor. TOGUARD 3 Lens Car DVR Dash Cam Video Recorder 1080P Front Rear Inside Camera. TOGUARD Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear HD 1080P GPS Car Camera Night Vision Cam.

TOGUARD 3CH Dual Dash Cam WiFi GPS Car Camera Front Rear Inside Driving Recorder. TOGUARD Dual Lens 1080P 4.3 Car Rearview Mirror Dash Cam Camera Recorder DVR US. TOGUARD 3 Dash Cam Front and Rear 1080P Dual Lens Car Camera Video Recorder. TOGUARD Dual Lens Dash Cam Camera Touch Screen Car Rear View Mirror Camera.

CE13-4.3 1080P NO GPS. Backup Camera 4.3 Mirror Dash Cam 1080P TOGUARD Touch Screen Front. Car Camera with Parking Assistance. G-Sensor, Waterproof Rear View Revers Camera.

This dual mirror dash camera simultaneously or separately captures front and rear views of the vehicle. The front car camera records road ahead in 19201080 and the back cam capture behind in 640480P.

The front 170°and rear 120°provide excellent coverage and ensure you get the best footage as much as possible all day. This mirror camera can support micro SD card max up to 32GB(Not included in the package), 16GB-32GB Micro SD card Class 10 is recommended. Please format the card monthly and make sure the SD card is high quality.

Please keep this Mirror Cam connecting with the power source when operating, as the built-in battery capacity is ONLY 150mAh, it's just for saving important files when traffic accidents occurred. Please adjust the sensitivity of G-sensor to Low, or it will be very easy to lock the video when your car vibrates and the SD card will be full easily. Dual 1080P FHD Dash Cam Mirror.

The front 1080P high-definition camera and 720P rearview mirror camera simultaneously recording videos from two different angles. Letting you have a clear view from the front and backup camera with more details. 4.3 Inch Touch Screen Car Camera. User-friendly interface for quick recognition and intuitive operation. Parking Assistance and Parking Monitor.

The excellent parking guide of this HD mirror cam helps you to park safely. You can adjust the angle of the car reverse camera when parking to eliminate blind spots and observe the surrounding situation. Then parking monitoring helps you to clearly record everything that happened after you left the car.

It supports up to 64GB of micro SD cards(Not in the packing). Video and audio are automatically recorded in an endless loop and saved in the memory card. This car mirror camera records traffic incidents, travel scenery, unexpected moments, or any social media-worthy video. Loop Recording And G-sensor Function.

This function ensures continuous recording without missing any second, records automatically during vehicle ignition. G-sensor of this dash camera will automatic video recording and video file locking when a collision. The rear view will automatically show the full screen reversing image with parking guidelines when the vehicle is in reverse. Achieving easy and safe parking.

Loop Recording & Emergency Lock. Loop recording will overwrite the oldest unlocked footage to ensure there's enough space continually recording. When the G-Sensor of system detects a car shaking during parking time, the dash cam will automatically turn on and record a short locked video to secure your car.

Long time parking function will need a dash cam hardwire kit. Compatible size Car Mirror Camera. The 21ft rear view camera is compatible with most cars on the market.

If you need longer backup camera cable, please feel free to let we know. You just need to tie the RED wire into your backup lights (12V). Please feel free to reach us if there is anything that you are not so clear at. Just simply mount the mirror dash cam over your original car rearview mirror with the 2 included rubber straps. TOGUARD 1080P Dual Lens Mirror Dash Cam 7 Inch IPS Touch Screen. Front Driving Recorder Camera + Rear View Waterproof Backup Camera 170°Wide Angle. With G-sensor Parking Monitor Motion Detection.

7 Inch IPS Touch Screen & 1080P FHD Recording? Simultaneous recording in Full HD 1080P front view video recording and 480P waterproof rear cam, ensuring you get the best footage all day and night. 7 Inch IPS touch screen provides a wide visual angle which makes it clearer to view video laterally. Reversing Camera Kit for Safe Parking?

Connect the red wire from the rear camera to power positive wire of back up light, the image of rear camera with 4pcs night vision lights will automatically switch over the full view and trigger guide line for safe parking when the reverse gear engaged. Triggered by the Parking Monitor, the dash cam front and rear will automatically turn itself on and record when parking. The integrated G-sensor will auto-lock recorded video for safekeeping when detecting collision. Equipped with these powerful functions, 7 inch dash cam front and rear provides powerful evidence in case of dispute and give you peace of mind when driving. Please don't turn on motion detection when driving and dash cam is recording. Based on one-key switching design, it is convenient for you to switch the five view modes from full screen display of front/rear view or picture-picture display. Turning off the screen display, it can be used as a regular rear view mirror.

Exquisite Appearance and Easy to Use? With 2.5D advanced Anti-glare glass mirror, this iron body gives you a special sense of touch and vision. 7 inch sensitive touch screen is more concise and easier to set up than traditional physical buttons.

TOGUARD FHD 1080P Dual DASH CAM. Simultaneous recording in Full HD 1080P &170°wide-angle lens front view video recording and 720P &120° waterproof rear dash cam, the best companion in your driving journey, keep you and your car's safety. The front mirror dash cam still works even though not hook up rear camera. 1x TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam. 1x Backup Camera with screws and 3M tape.

1x 11 feet car charger. 1x 18 feet cable for rear camera.

3x Rubber Straps for fixing front camera. Wide and Clear 7 Touch Screen.

He 7 touch screen is pretty responsive, beautiful and large. The display for settings, video recording, photo taking and playback are on the mirror itself which is touch sensitive. The interface is easy to navigate and set the multi-function menu. Well Designed and Simple Interface. PS and exquisite screen edge design is ultra wider&clearer and seamless with your car than most of traditional mirror dash cams, enjoy real-time recording and monitor when driving; The interface is easy to navigate and set the multi-function menu.

Reversing Camera Kit for Safe Parking. The rear view cam switch to the full screen HD reversing image including the reverse with line assist when the vehicle is in reverse, no need to turn around and easy to park with the help of guidelines. G-Sensor (Emergency Recording) & Loop Recording. With loop recording, the newest footage will automatically overwrite the oldest one when the micro SD card is full, never miss any moment.

With built-in battery, the dash cam will automatically power on and record 30 seconds after detecting a shocking or vibration when parking and turn off car engine. It works when turn on car engine, recording 10 seconds after detecting a motion, which can save micro SD card space. The mirror dash cam is easy to install, no need to remove the factory rearview mirror in your car, just easily attach dash cam to rearview mirror with rubber straps.

Connect the car charger with camera then hide extra cable into interior panel by pry tool we provided. Product Weight is 1.8 Pounds, check whether your mirror can hold it before purchasing. Set "screensaver" or just tap the power button on the bottom which will turn off display, so you can use the mirror like you would normally and it is still recording the front/rear cameras.

Rotate the lens of front camera to adjust its direction to reach the best field of view. Display size: 7 Inch touch screen. Product dimensions: 11.8x3x0.6 inches. External storage support: 16GB-128GB, Class10 Micro SD (not included).

Set the beep sound to turn on/off loud of start-up and shut-down of dash cam. Have set loop recording, but only randomly records for 10 seconds with a long gap in between, then stops and re-start the recording. We advise that turn off motion detection(record 10 seconds) when driving and dash cam is recording, which ensure seamless video recording. The SD card gets full and it doesn't overwrite?

Whether there are many video files named begin with "LOC"? Which are locked and cannot be overwritten, please adjust sensitivity of G-sensor. The screen will come back on even though turn on screen saver. Please kindly change another car charger to have a test. Please format Micro SD card on dash cam before recording, we advise SANDISK brand Class 10.

16GB-128GB micro SD card (32GB SD card not Included). Because dash cam use built-in battery, its internal battery is small capacity for saving important filed when traffic accident occurred, we need plug the car charger when recording. We suggest not turn on motion detection features while driving, this function may make recording intermittent.

We will offer the best solution for you if there is any question. CE60H-10 2.5K NO GPS. TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam, Upgraded 10 Front 2.5K+1080P Rear FHD Car Camera Dash Cam. IPS Full Touch Screen Video Streaming Rear View Mirror Camera Parking Assistance. TOGUARD BRAND - Monitor What You Concern.

Establishment in 2009, TOGUARD has become an industry leader in home and personal security technology. We are the go-to brand for millions looking for high quality products at great prices.

Whether you need to guard your car, ensure your safety while driving, or protect yourself from hit and run accidents, TOGUARD's got you covered. Front 2.5K+1080P Rear FHD Camera & Safe Parking? It is flexible and convenient for you to adjust the view angle by sliding your finger on the touch screen when driving or reversing.

IPS 10 Inch Streaming Media Full Touch Screen? The 1080P Streaming Media dash cam featured Full HD sharp colors IPS touch screen will synchronously display rear view viewing when car starts and present a clear and crisp video quality with high resolution in day or night.

Ultra-Wide Field of View & OEM Looking? The wide angle lens eliminates blind spots and alleviates the worry of recording everything happening in front and rear, which helps you drive at ease. Loop recording will automatically overwrite the earliest video segment when the memory storage space is full. With G-sensor enabled, it will automatically lock and store the video when it encounters a sudden shock and collision.

Mirror dash cam provides video proof of an accident that happens to be capture by the recording. Easy Setup & Reliable After-sales Service? With the display of mirror dash cam turned off, it's used as a regular rear view mirror while driving. The mirror dash cam is strapped on to the existing original mirror using rubber straps.

Professional customer service will work on fixing any issue within 24 hours. You will enjoy the best shopping experience!

Q: There is something wrong with my rear camera, how to do it? Please message our support team to get another rear camera. Q:The cable of the rear camera is too short to install. Q: I have adjusted it to the correct angle, but the backup camera with parking guide lines points UP next time I put car in reverse.

A: Please swipe screen down on reversing mode, it is important to adjust it when you put car in reverse. Q: The backup camera is great, but the front camera is blurry. Is there some way I could get this fixed? A: Please message support team to get a replacement. Q: I'm looking to extend the current cable of rear camera. If I order a longer one, I will have to reinstall the cable into the car? A: Yes, you need to reinstall the rear cable, because the 23 feet cable replaces the original 18 feet cable. So we advise that customers check whether the 18 feet cable is short for car before you install it.

Q: How to get customized hardwire kit? A: Please message our support team to get it. Our hardwire kit comes with the protection feature of the vehicle battery from discharging when using parking monitor.

Q: It is advertised to automatically show the parking assist when you place the vehicle in reverse, mine does not do that. A: Connect the red wire from the rear camera to power positive wire of back up light, the rear camera with parking guide line will show when the reverse gear engaged. Please message our support team if there is any question, who will work on fixing any issue within 24 hours. 1x 10 inch Mirror Dash Cam. 1x 18 ft Cable for Backup Camera.

With Screws and 3M Tapes. 1x 11 ft Car Charger. TOGUARD Updated 2.5K Rear View Mirror Dash Cam. High Resolution is available either in Front 2.5K+1080P Rear FHD Camera view camera, the bright full screen makes it possible to clearly read the license plates of vehicles behind or in front of you, both day and night.

We recommend using brand Class 10, 16GB-32GB micro SD card(not included), If you want to use 64GB or 128G micro SD card, please format SD card to FAT32 on PC, then format it again on dash cam. Note: Please be sure it's a true branded high-speed SD card.

DO NOT splice rear camera cord to extend, please contact Toguard's friendly support if a 23 feet longer cord is needed. Mirror dash cam must be plugged into the car charger when recording. Default Rear View Camera and Wide View. Mirror dash cam will immediately default to rear camera full screen upon startup. This provides drivers the highest level of confidence and visibility while backing up.

The 170°wide view of front camera and the 140°view of backup camera will not let you miss anything when driving. Auto Adjustable Rear View Angle.

The backup camera automatically provides an adjustable display at different angle while driving or reversing, and you also can manually adjust the display range either up or down to reach the best field of view. Brightness exposure can be easily adjusted by swiping the screen right or left. Compared to the Traditional Rear View Mirror.

Compare this new Toguard Mirror Dash Cam with your traditional rear view mirror and see what you've been missing! Eliminates blind spots giving you a much wider field of vision than a standard rear view mirror, especially at night and in poor weather. Equipped with advanced Analogy High Definition (AHD technology), the 1080P backup camera enhances night vision in low light conditions and prevents video overexposure while driving and backing up, giving you an exceptionally sharp image at night. Front camera can be extended out from mirror to help view around windshield intrusion bars. The sleek body of the mirror dash cam perfectly fits over the existing factory rear view mirror.

Swivel the lens of the front camera to align your viewing to the road ahead. Loop recording will automatically overwrite the earliest existing unlocked footage to ensure continuous ongoing recording. Sleek Look and Works Like a Regular Mirror. The ultra-thin rear view mirror dash cam looks like the original mirror. The display fits easily over the existing mirror with rubber straps. With the screen saver function of dash cam or holding down the power button, you can use it as a regular rear view mirror. CE70-12 2.5K WITH GPS. TOGUARD 12 Mirror Dash Cam 2.5K Front and Rear Dual Dash Camera GPS. Backup Camera Voice Control Touch Screen with 1080P Waterproof Rear Camera. High Resolution 2.5K+1080P with Night Vision? The voice command of this mirror dash cam is the best feature than other dash cameras.

You talk, it listens, which works flawlessly and makes it easy and quick to operate, like turn on/off screen, lock video, start reverse, start/stop recording, switch cameras, etc. You even do not need to connect the red wire from rear camera to reversing light, speak "start reversing" to ask the dash cam get into reversing mode immediately. Adjustable Viewing Angle & Safe Parking? The 170° wide angle of dash cam is great to capture activities from both sides and eliminate the visual blind spots. You can slide the left screen up and down to adjust the angle while driving and reversing.

The backup camera will automatically switch over full display with parking line when reversing if you connect the red wire from rear camera to the backup light. Loop Recording/G-sensor & Parking Monitor? Loop recording will auto overwrite the earliest unlocked footage in case the SD card is full. With built-in G sensor, the mirror dash cam will lock emergency video in the event of an accident to prevent being overwritten. Triggered by parking monitor, the dash cam will automatically turn on and take 20s footage when detecting collision.

Easy Installation & Support Max 128GB Micro SD Card? You don't need to remove the original rear view mirror, just attach the mirror dash cam to the mirror by the rubber straps. This dash cam supports max 128g high speed SD card(Not included). Please format the SD card to FAT32 before using.

1x12 inch Mirror Dash Cam. 1x 18ft Cable for Backup Camera with Screws and 3M Tapes. TOGUARD 12 Voice Command Mirror Dash Cam. This mirror dash cam is much easy to start reversing, you can speak the command to into reversing mode, much easier when install the rear camera.

The backup camera would not upload any private information to internet, no need to worry when speak anything. High Resolution and Space-saving Video Storage. Toguard 12 inch mirror dash cam with H. 265 compression format, which will save storage for more footage. The backup camera will recognize the specified command when recording.

It's more convenient and safer while driving. You can take pictures, lock video, turn on/off screen, turn on/off audio, start/stop recording without touch the display. Note: Please turn down the audio when you speak the command, otherwise the dash cam may could not work because of the noise. The dash cam support English Command ONLY.

Adjustable Rear View Angle and Brightness. The backup camera is easy to set the best angle and brightness by swipe the screen up or down. You also can swipe screen to switch front and rear camera while recording and driving. The lens of front camera can be swivelled. Front camera with wide 170° field of view, waterproof rear cam with 140° field of view.

2.5K High Resolution in Day and Night. The mirror dash cam with 2.5k+1080p front and rear camera, which record with clear video in day and night. 12 inch big screen make it read the license plate of vehicle in front of or behind. Note: The mirror dash cam will immediately default to rear camera full screen upon startup.

Toguard CE70 mirror dash cam capture with G sensor function. It will lock the footage when it detect collision. This helps you save important evidence. In case that the dash cam lock too much footage to make the sd card full, please do not set the G sensor with high sensitivity and check the storage of sd card before recording. Loop recording will overwrite the earliest unlocked footage when sd card is full.

There has three options (High/Middle/Low) sensitivity at parking monitor function. The dash cam will turn on automatically and take 20s video then lock it when detect vibrations, which ensure 170°front and 140°rear protection when you leave the vehicle unattended. Voice Control Reversing Aid System. The mirror dash cam has two ways to get into reversing mode. Connect the red wire to the reversing light, the dash cam will switch to reversing mode when reversing light on.

Do not connect the red wire to reversing light, speak "start reverse" command, the dash cam will get through reversing mode too. GPS provides track the driving route, location and speed in either KM/H or MP/H.

It helps you track the important location and speed if need evidence. You have to check driving tracker footage by customized GPS player "GX player". The GPS cable is included. TOGUARD 4K Mirror Dash Cam Rear Camera for Cars Voice Control GPS Tracking. 12 full touch screen rear view front and rear dual dash cam.

Waterproof rear view camera mirror with parking aid. Why choose our 4K mirror dash cam? UHD and Starlight Night Vision. Of this rear view camera are provide crucial details to back you up in an unexpected incident. Of this car camera is hand-free operation, easier and quicker to operate.

GPS with Speed and Location. Exactly know when/where the events happened. Safe reversing aid and parking monitor.

Dash cam keep an eye on your car when reversing and parking. Emergency video on dashboard camera as important evidence.

4K+1080P Dash Cam Front and Rear? Features 4K UHD resolution, this mirror dash cam captures clear license plates front and rear your vehicle.

The big 12 screen is easy to switch front/rear and both camera angle of view. This rear view mirror camera provide you 100% worry-free while driving. The car camera with voice commands to operate basic setting while driving, no need to touch the screen. You speak, it listen and follow your command, offering you a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

GPS Dash Cam with Speed? The extra GPS track real time driving speed and location.

You can read the current speed on the screen. Playback the recording on PC via GXplayer to check where the events happened and speed. Provide important evidence if needed.

Super Night Vision Dash Cam? Equipped with Sony Starlight Starvis sensor and F1.8 large aperture 6-glass lens, this car camera can capture clearer and more detailed images at night with lower-consumption.

This mirror dash cam feature intelligent parking mode, when detects a sudden shake or collision, the built-in G-sensor will trigger the car dash cam to record a 30s video and lock the video footage. Your safety are 24 hours under protection. After connected the positive lead to the reversing light, parking guidelines will be activated when reversing, ensures safe and convenient parking. You can see the parking line on the 12 screen, no need to install extra monitor. 12''Screen and Wide Angle.

He 12" IPS responsive touch screen is easy to operate, offers a wider horizontal field of view than 10" screen, which enables you to monitor more real-time traffic information on the road while driving. 4K camera and adjustable view. Front camera adopted Sony, captures native 4K UHD footage with clear details. 4K Sony sensor IMX415 on the front camera enhances night vision in low light or rainy conditions efficiently, giving you exceptionally sharp video clips at night.

License plates in distance that are unreadable in 1080P or other resolutions are very crisp in 4K video. The 4K Sony sensor IMX415 on the front camera efficiently improves night vision in low light or rain, providing you with exceptionally sharp video clips at night. Loop Recording and Emergency Locking.

What's in the box? 12 4K Dash Cam Mirror. Please format Micro SD card on PC, then format it again on dash cam before first use. The Rear camera cable length is 18ft, please feel free to reach us if you need longer 23ft cable. This 12 dash cam Weight is about 0.82 pounds, please check whether your mirror can hold it before purchasing. The built-in battery capacity is small, it's impossible to supply 2.5A of current independently. In order to make the driving recorder work stably, the car charger needs to be plugged when recording. Please be sure to use the original car charger in the package, other car charger may affect the sensitivity of the touch screen. Playback mode: In the recording interface, slide horizontally to the right to enter the playback mode. Switch Camera: In the recording interface, slide horizontally to the left to change the display mode of the front and rear cameras. Adjust the screen brightness: Up and down vertically in the recording interface and on the right side of the screen to adjust the screen brightness. Move viewing angle of the lens: In the main recording surface (full front camera only or full rear camera) and on the left side of the screen, slide vertically up and down to shift the viewing angle of the lens. This item is in the category "Consumer Electronics\Vehicle Electronics & GPS\Car Video\Other Car Video". The seller is "international--shop" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped to United States.

  • Package: CE80B-12\
  • Brand: TOGUARD
  • Charging Port: Mini USB Cigarette Lighter
  • Color: Black
  • Compatible Vehicle Make: Universal
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Display: IPS Touch Screen
  • Features: Touch Screen,G-Sensor lock, Dual Lens,DVR,Loop Recording
  • File Format: MP4/JPG
  • G-sensor: Off/Low/Middle/High
  • Image Format: JPG
  • Item Location: United States
  • Lens: Front and Rear Wide Angle Lens
  • Loop Recording: 1/3/5 mins
  • Model: CE13/CE35A/CE60H/CE70+BC198/CE80B
  • Number of Cameras: 2
  • Storage: U3 or above Micro SD Card 16G-128G(not included)
  • Type: Dash Camera
  • Video Format: MP4

TOGUARD 4K 1080P Mirror Dash Cam GPS Car Backup Camera DVR Recorder Night Vision    TOGUARD 4K 1080P Mirror Dash Cam GPS Car Backup Camera DVR Recorder Night Vision