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Vehicle Video Camera CAR DVR Recorder Dash Cam Rear view cam TRUECAM A6 FULL HD

Vehicle Video Camera CAR DVR Recorder Dash Cam Rear view cam TRUECAM A6 FULL HD
Vehicle Video Camera CAR DVR Recorder Dash Cam Rear view cam TRUECAM A6 FULL HD
Vehicle Video Camera CAR DVR Recorder Dash Cam Rear view cam TRUECAM A6 FULL HD
Vehicle Video Camera CAR DVR Recorder Dash Cam Rear view cam TRUECAM A6 FULL HD
Vehicle Video Camera CAR DVR Recorder Dash Cam Rear view cam TRUECAM A6 FULL HD
Vehicle Video Camera CAR DVR Recorder Dash Cam Rear view cam TRUECAM A6 FULL HD

Vehicle Video Camera CAR DVR Recorder Dash Cam Rear view cam TRUECAM A6 FULL HD   Vehicle Video Camera CAR DVR Recorder Dash Cam Rear view cam TRUECAM A6 FULL HD

Sign up for Shop newsletter. CB Home Base Antennas & Access. TrueCam A6 Professional camera that protects your car. Looking for a professional car camera that protects the front and rear of your car? The new TrueCam A6 car camera shoots high-quality recordings enabling you to clearly recognise car number plates and peoples faces both night and day.

It also includes a rear-view camera which gives you a perfect view of what is happening behind you vehicle. The rear-view camera is one of the main advantages of this model. After connecting to the main camera the rear-view camera image is displayed on the LCD screen, facilitating parking in difficult situations and allowing you to always find out what is going on behind your car. Additionally the camera, like the front camera, can record video so if you are shunted from behind it provides you with valuable evidence.

The TrueCam A6 camera is also easy to handle and install. Once the holder is placed on the windscreen, the power supply connected and the filming position set, you are ready to go. Choose from the wide range of brackets included.

When you start your journey, just snap the camera in the holder and go. In addition the multilingual menu means you can operate it easily without the tedious process of studying documentation. The TrueCam A6 is a professional car camera which protects your car, even in your absence.

Front view of the TrueCam A6. The intelligent mounting bracket, LED illumination and high-quality lens with interchangeable CPL and UV filters. Easy installation thanks to the camera mount, into which the power connects.

Quick everyday installation just snap and go. The controls of the TrueCam A6 are intuitive, fast and in English. The most important functions are simply activated at the push of a button whilst recording.

Look at the rear-view camera of TrueCam A6, how subtle it may be to your rear glass. Shoot in FULL HD 1080p The TrueCam A6 shoots at the maximum resolution of FULL HD 1080p. The resulting images are so clear that you can pick out the smallest details you can read vehicle license plates, recognise peoples faces and traffic signs.

No matter whether you are shooting during the day or at night or in good or bad lighting conditions, the camera footage is always of the highest quality and maximum sharpness. Rear-view camera The included rear-view camera gives you with an even better view of your journey. The rear camera is helpful when parking but also serves whilst driving normally.

It records video just like the front camera so it provides a record of everything going on behind your car. This is particularly useful when someone crashes into the back of you, providing you with clear evidence. The parking camera shoots in HD 720p and it easily connected to the front camera via cable.

Using the rear camera is optional, the front camera can be used on its own. Simple to set up every day The camera is perfectly adapted for daily use and can be installed in seconds. Fast installation is one of the most important features of a car camera. The holder and rear camera only need to be installed when used for the first time as does connecting the power and setting the camera to the right position. After that, the camera simply snaps into the holder and you are ready to go. Video Timelapse Accelerated time-lapse video can shoot footage speeded up. The camera takes a single image every second, allowing you to play a half-hour recording in just one minute. Quickly and easily find out whats been happening around your vehicle before your arrival and during your journey. Time-lapse recording expands the capacity of the memory card as well as providing a lot of fun. G-Sensor The G-Sensor or accelerometer or gravity sensor allows you to record, in graphical form, the direction of travel in three dimensions. If you are involved in an accident, it knows exactly when the impact happened and locks the current video.

All data can be reviewed later in the GPS player and also used as evidence. The camera automatically locks the recording against being accidentally overwritten when an accident occurs. Parking mode Thanks to parking mode you can leave your vehicle parked with the TrueCam A6 for up to 24 hours without recharging. At the same time the camera constantly guards your car and in the event of an accident will automatically begin recording.

LCD display with multilingual menu An important part of the TrueCam A6 is its LCD display which enables you to check the current recording, the footage already shot and set the desired camera function. The dashcam menu is multilingual so anyone can operate it and it is clear and simple so you can navigate it without having to study lengthy documentation.

Loop recording With the TrueCam A6 car camera you can shoot continuously. If the memory is full, it will automatically overwrite the oldest recording without interrupting the recording. You dont have to worry about a thing. At the same time you can rest assured you will not miss an important moment.

Plus every photo and video can be locked to prevent them from being overwritten accidentally. Motion detection The motion detection system of the TrueCam A6 automatically begins recording when the sensor registers movement.

It shoots video even in your absence and if your car gets damaged will provide you with clear evidence to convict the guilty party. The recording is so clear that you can easily identify the perpetrators face or a car number plate. Once the movement has stopped the camera automatically stops recording. Video lock If you want to save the recorded images, simply press the lock button to prevent it from being accidentally deleted.

This ensures that you dont lose an important video, for example, when loop recording. The lock function can be used when recording but also in playback mode. Videos and photos can later be unlocked and manually deleted. This data can be displayed within the video or saved to a GPS log.

If you dont want the speed and position to be recorded on the video this feature can be easily turned off. All data can be viewed in the software application where your entire route, including speed, a G-sensor graph, acceleration and other information are displayed on a map. Speed camera detection and SPEEDOMETER (optional) Using the GPS module you can also take advantage of the speedometer function which allows you to display your current speed and direction in which you are driving (shown as a compass).

The module includes a database of speed cameras showing you in advance the speed limit and distance to the camera. The database also includes places where it is necessary to exercise caution. All information is displayed on screen and using voice guidance and the camera also warns you when speeding. The database contains more than 33,000 locations in 36 European countries, including countries like Russia and Ukraine. Updates are available for free on our website.

The GPS module comes with 8 voices, including humorous comments from the actor and presenter Karel Zima. High-quality night mode The TrueCam A6 is equipped with the best optics to give you great night shots. Shooting video or taking photos at night is no problem.

The car camera records every part of your journey despite poor lighting conditions so you can place you full trust in this car black box. Interchangeable polarization and UV filters (optional) The car camera allows for the quick and easy attachment of a CPL polarizing filter or UV filter that provide even higher quality images. The CPL polarizing filter eliminates glare from the dashboard, getting rid of unwanted light reflections. The UV filter increases the depth and vibrancy of colour, darkens the sky and eliminates haze from the distant horizon.

The interchangeable filters are not included. WDR function The camera is equipped with a WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) function which provides improved image capturing when part of the space is more or less illuminated and thus more contrast between light and shadow.

Typical examples of this are night shots with road glare and the lights of oncoming vehicles. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results you will get under theses lighting conditions. Software application video display, route map, acceleration and speed. QUICK OFF LCD DISPLAY With this advanced feature you can turn off the LCD display in case it disturbs or blinds you when driving. This can be done either by manually pressing a single button or by setting an auto-off time delay after which the display switches itself into standby mode. It is also possible to set a screensaver showing the speedometer. QUICK MUTE The camera is equipped with a high-quality microphone for audio recording which can be turned on or off at the touch of a button. This is handy when you want to shoot without audio, for example, when taking a call. INSTANT PHOTO On the TrueCam A6 there is a special button for taking instant photos.

This is for situations when you need to take a shot quickly without wasting time switching between functions or opening the menu. Take a photo without changing mode, even whilst recording. BRIGHTNESS CONTROL At any time you can customize the light settings of the camera by changing the exposure value, or EV. The TrueCam A6 offers several digress of brightness and after adjusting you will instantly know whether it needs further adjustment or if it suits the current conditions. DRIVER NAME DISPLAY This feature is useful, especially if your company uses multiple drivers.

The name of the current driver can be entered so that in the event of any complications the driver can be identified. In addition to this you can choose whether the drivers name appears within the video or not. ROTATE IMAGE 180° The TrueCam A6 car camera can adapt to the place where it is placed.

It can even be mounted upside down. Under settings, select the rotate 180° mode which ensures the analogue conversion of the image and menu. Likewise all videos and photos will be stored with the correct orientation.

LED ILLUMINATION For filming or taking photos in the dark, the car camera come equipped with an LED light for illumination. In the event of an accident or other unexpected events in the dark the camera can still be used to document the event and acquire valuable evidence.

Simply take the camera out of its holder and use it like a standard digital camera. BACKLIT BUTTONS Even in the darkness it is no problem to operate this dashcam. All buttons on the TrueCam A6 are illuminated meaning you dont have to use another source of light to control the camera or change its settings. If you dont want to have the buttons backlit, you can easily disable this feature. OPTIONAL DISPLAY SPEED Another one of the many features of the TrueCam A6 is the ability to choose where to display the speed on the video recording or not.

Data can also be kept for private use in the software application. OPTIONAL DISPLAY POSITION The GPS module allows you, among other things, to choose whether to display the position of your vehicle. It can be displayed either in the video or the data can be kept for private use only viewable in the software application. If you dont want your location to be seen on the recording this feature can be easily disabled. INTEGRATION WITH MAPS The TrueCam A6 car camera with the GPS module enables you to display maps easily, providing you with a summary of your journey.

When making frequent trips over longer distances, the recorded data gives you a good idea of the speed and length of individual routes so it is easy to decide on the most effective. SOFTWARE APPLICATION The software application displays video, map and a graph of acceleration and speed on a single screen. With the G-sensor the application will also provide a record of the g-force. The TrueCam A6 is a dual channel car camera designed for the everyday driver, racing drivers and enthusiasts. Please add me to your list of favourite sellers.

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  • Manufacturer Part Number: Does Not Apply
  • Recording Resolution: 1080p
  • Number of Cameras: 1
  • Brand: TRUECAM A6
  • Features: Auto On/Off

Vehicle Video Camera CAR DVR Recorder Dash Cam Rear view cam TRUECAM A6 FULL HD   Vehicle Video Camera CAR DVR Recorder Dash Cam Rear view cam TRUECAM A6 FULL HD